Ritz Carlton(Sharq Village) – Doha, Qatar

We were blown away by the magnificent service.

We loved Qatari people and the people working in Qatar. They were very accommodating and friendly. To our surprise, Doha has a very open culture and it has become one of our favourite places to go for short holiday/ long weekends. We took Qatar airway which flew directly to Doha in 6 hours.

Great Location: One of the reasons why we picked this hotel because its location allowed us to see uninterrupted views of Doha Skyline. We took a taxi from the airport to arrive here and it only took less than 20 minutes. Although we were close to the airport, we never heard any aircraft noises which was surprising. The hotel is only 7 minutes drive away from Doha city centre and historic market. We took a taxi to the city centre which only cost us £3.

View from the hotel’s private beach

Travel tip: Make sure to check out the historic market on a Friday or Saturday night. Great place to experience Doha’s way of life.  Below video is one of many things I saw during my visit:


The room and amenities (Jan 2018): The room was big and had a balcony which was a great place to get some morning sun. The room is equipped with a coffee machine, bathrobes and the bed was comfy. January is the off-season here but the weather was great. The avarage room price is between £140 and £170 for a resort view room.


Bathroom and shower room: Bathroom was big enough for two of us and it had a walking shower. Fitted to the ceiling water comes out of a large showerhead to create a rainshower feeling but the water pressure could have been better.

Service: Service was one of the best. From the time we entered to the property and until we left the service could not have been any better. We felt at ease because everyone worked there took initiative to accommodate us. I felt that everyone there wanted to be there and I felt they realyy enjoyed attending guests.

Swimming pools and other activities: There are two swimming pools in the property. I think 3 days is more than enough here if you want to relax and enjoy the nice weather.

swimming pool closer to the main property.

Food: On Thursdays, they have a seafood buffet. I think it was around £60 per person which was not bad. They offer, unlimited lobster, tiger prawns but the taste was a bit bland.

What else we loved: We loved the Arabic architecture throughout this hotel. The resort had a village-like feel because all the buildings were no more than two-story high. Each block of accommodation had a courtyard and sitting area which was a nice way to welcome to your accommodation.

How courtyard was seeing from outside of our room

Gym and Spa: I did not try the spa but the property has a fully equipped gym. There are several running machines, bottled water and fruits were also offered..

Overall verdict: Ritz Carlton (Sharq Village) is one of the best places we’ve stated so far in our journeys. The service is out of this world and the property was amazing. Worth another visit for sure.



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