Greece – Zakynthos – Lesante Blue Resort

Lesante Blue Exclusive Resort Zakynthos, Greece

Mid May 2018, I decided to travel to Zakynthos, a small Island in Greece. I stayed at Lesante Blue, a luxury beach resort and they are part of World Leading Hotels Group.

How to get to Zakynthos: If you are living in the UK, I would advise you to book your flights in advance as this route is very popular among tourists. The direct flight route gets booked up very quickly and if you are unable to book a direct flight, you can fly to a nearby island and take the ferry.

Because I booked this trip one week before the date of travel, I was not able to find a direct flight and therefore had to fly to a nearby island called Kefalonia. However, for my return flight, I was able to book a direct flight.

How to travel from Kefalonia to Zakynthos.

Kefalonia, Port of Poros

Option 1: Fly to Kefalonia and take the direct ferry which leaves Kafelonia around 6 pm and arrives Zakynthos around 7.30 pm.

Option 2: Flight to Kefalonia and then take 2 ferries.

Option one: During the off-season (usually until May 20th) there is only one direct ferry service between Kefalonia and Zakynthos. Once you arrive at Kefalonia airport, you will need to make your journey towards “Pesada” port. You can jump on a taxi from the airport which will cost you around 50 Euros and will take around 1 hour for you to arrive at Pesada.

The ferry will arrive at St. Nicholas port in Zakynthos. St Nicholas port is 1-hour journey from Zakynthos city centre and I was advised that St. Nicholas port is in a remote part of the Zakynthos island. Although you can take this direct Ferry, this will indeed cost you more whilst it will take the same time as the indirect ferry route. So altogether, I would try to avoid this option if it’s possible.

I, therefore, went for the 2nd route.

Option 2: Once I arrived at Kefalonia airport, I made our way towards the port called “Poros”. From there I took a ferry to the port of Killini and then from Killini to Zakynthos main port. The overall journey on ferries took around 3 hours but it’s a really enjoyable one. To go to the port of Poros it will cost 50 euros and take 1 hour in a taxi.

From the port of Poros (Kefalonia), there are 3 daily ferries to the port of Killini. I booked the midday ferry. The Ferry from Kilini to Zakynthos will leave soon after the ferry from Poros arrives.

Ferry from Poros to Kilini seen in the distance

I were a little bit worried if these ferries going to be small but actually, they can fit multiple buses and large lorries. Both ferries I were on had restaurants and lots of comfy seats.

I used this company to book my Ferry which cost around 9 Euros:

The Ferry from Killini will arrive directly to Zakynthos city centre which is convenient. After arriving at the city centre(which is a short walk from the port) I found a great spot to have food (unfortunately cannot remember the name of the restaurant, but hope these photos will help you to identify).


The decor of the restaurant

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pictures of Zakynthos town:



Lesante Blue hotel review: 

Check-in experience: I were greeted by a friendly hostess who invited us to take a seat in the lobby whilst she check us in. Whilst waiting, I were offered a welcome drink and the whole check-in process was quick and easy.

I believe it took around 10 minutes for us to checking and since I did not have to stand up throughout the process it made a lot of difference.

The lobby: The lobby was the not the largest I’ve seen but a good size. The lobby had white tiles throughout which created clean and pure feeling. There are some comfy seats in the Lobby and through the lobby, you can access a small bar area and the restaurant.

Room: I booked a sea view room which offered really good views. The room was spacious but the decor was basic in my opinion. Also, the room did not have a coffee machine and guests were left to drink instant coffee which I think unacceptable in a luxury accommodation.  As I said, due to the decor and the materials they have used within the room, the room did not feel luxurious. I think there was lack of fine carpets and marble present in the room which made it look basic.

The room had a balcony which offered a coffee table and a two-seater sofar.


Bed: Queen bed is a good size, although, I would definitely expect this to be much bigger considering the price point of these rooms. The Peninsula, Shanghai is the biggest bed I’ve slept in and compare to that this is a smaller size.


Bathroom: Bathroom had white marble throughout which was a good touch. The size of the bathroom was okay. I expected it to be much bigger considering the price point.

Walking shower and toilet have separate doors



The walking shower was a disappointing experience and this is because, in few occasions, it was difficult to control the temperature of the water. The water sometimes gets hot and then suddenly gets cold. Very disappointing to experience this in a “luxury” resort.

Shower room
Shower room

The pool Area: I think the highlight of this hotel is the pool area. The pool area offered some of the best sea views I’ve seen a while. I liked how the sunbeds were laid out as they allowed to get the best views. There are more sunbeds and bar on sea level which is much more quieter.

Sunbed area
View from the breakfast bar

Food: The dinner service had a limited choice of food and I found the food to be overpriced. Within 10 minutes walk, you can find few local restaurants which offered very tasty food for the fraction of the cost at the hotel.

Breakfast: There was an American style buffet breakfast. After few days I got fed up eating the same thing but at least you get to some nice views:


Service: Overall the service is good but I don’t think some staff are trained up 5-star hotel standard. If you are familiar with the service you get at Ritz Carlton or any other leading luxury hotels, I think the services here is slightly below that. Whilst the staff offered good service, they were lacking in some detailed aspects of customer service which you would expect in a luxury resort.

Final verdict: I found the hotel to be in a perfect location offering some of the best sea views. I also think this is the best resort in Zakynthos if you are looking to enjoy the best views in exclusive settings. The beach in front of the hotel is reserved for hotel guest only. Considering the decor of the room, I think the hotel rooms are overpriced. The restaurants offered a limited choice of food and they were overpriced too.  The room was basic and did not feel luxurious despite the price.

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