St.Regis – Abu Dhabi, UAE – August 2018

Sad about the perfect hot summer coming to an end in the UK, I wondered where I can go to experience really, really hot weather. Having been to Doha QatarRitz Carlton(Sharq Village) – Doha, Qatar earlier this year, I thought UAE could be a great place.

Since I decided to stay a few nights in Dubai as well, it made sense to buy a return flight from London to Dubai. I spend 3 nights in St.Regis Abu Dhabi and then 3 nights in Dubai Palm Beach. I stayed at Waldorf Astoria Palm Beach and you can see that review here:

How to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai(fastest way): Get a taxi from Dubai is the fastest way.  The airport has private (VIP) taxis and they will charge you twice the local taxis. Local taxis will charge around 300AED to 350AED to go from Dubai International airport to St.Regis hotel next to the Nation Tower. Before you hop-in just make sure the taxi is equipped with a meter.

Arriving at St.Regis: As soon as I got out of the car, a welcome host welcomed us. Then I was escorted to the check-in area where I were offered comfortable chairs to sit on whilst they carry out the check-in process. The check-in was quick and easy and the first impression was really good. As you can see from the below picture, St.Regis Abu Dhabi has one of the grandest entrance which adds to the arrival experience.

Arriving at the hotel

After check-in, I took the elevator to the 35th floor. Coming out of the elevator straight away gave us a flavour of what sort of a stay I will have:

Outside Elevator – Amazing marbles

The first look at the room:

The Room: It amazes me the amount of marble in this room. St.Regis has used marble even in smaller areas and opt-in for less wood look which I personally liked. The room was spacious, completed with high-end decor and had a real high-end luxury feel to it. The best part of the room was it lead to amazing views of Abu Dhabi and Ocean.


Bathroom: Highend marbles cover the whole SQ of the bathroom. I think one of the most luxurious bathrooms I’ve used considering the number of high-end marbles in here


Service: It amazes us how personalised the service was. Throughout our stay, I felt ease at home and every person worked in the hotel provided a constantly excellent service which was amazing. I had a personal butler who was very quick to respond and I also got free coth pressing (4 items) per night.

Breakfast: A good breakfast and I found some exotic fruit which I will usually find in Sri Lanka:

Rambutan I call it in Sri Lanka. You cut the spiky out layer and get to the juicy fruit inside.

Bar: an Amazing bar area with excellent luxurious decors. One thing I noticed is that each day, each table (throughout the lobby and bar) were decorated with fresh roses. Amazing amount of attention to detail.


St.Regis Abu Dhabi bar

My final verdict is that St.Regis hotel will provide you with elite luxury, amazing personalised services with your own butler who will be quick to answer the phone and respond to whatever your needs are. The decor is luxurious, better than most so-called 5 star hotels. Throughout the hotel, you’ll experience plenty of high-end marbles and you will be treated like kings and queens.

This is by far one of the best hotels I have stayed and I will back again in a few months time. I would give 10/10 for St.Regis.

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