if you love your high-end Marbles and fine luxury with great views, then look no further.

When visiting Shanghai, you want to stay on both sides of the river (closer to the bund). To see the most iconic view of Shangai Skyline you need to stay at the old side of the bund, facing Pearl Tower(the tallest tower in Shanghai) as you can see in the above picture. To see the best view, I stayed at The Peninsula http://shanghai.peninsula.com/en/ and this and above picture was taken from the rooftop bar at the Peninsula.

I also stayed at the Peace Hotel which is on the same side as Peninsula (£100 cheaper on average than Peninsula and you can find the review here.
Day- bund

After doing some research I decided to stay in The Peninsula because :

  • This is the best place to get the best view of the bund(as you can see from the above picture)
  • The most luxurious hotel that you can stay in Shanghai

Views are absolutely fantastic, both from the room and from the rooftop bar. All rooms come with some sort of a view so you will not be disappointed. Rooms are the biggest in Shanghai and the most luxurious. Even the Pool area looks much more luxurious and the amenities they offer are much greater than any other 5-star hotel in Shanghai.

Perfect location: if you want to walk around the bund. The bund is only 2 minutes walk from the hotel and to the left of the hotel, you can walk through the Waibaidu Bridge which looks amazing in the night. You can also walk to East Nanjing road within 5 minutes where you will find a lot of shops to eat and shop. Nanjing road shopping area is one of the busiest and you will see massive crowds during the weekends.


Waibaidu Bridge in the night

A river view(average price £350 -£400)with breakfast and these are the reasons why I liked The Peninsula Room:

  • Huge room (52 Square metres) includes a large dressing room (bigger than other hotels in Shanghai).
  • Spa Bath was amazing.
  • TV in front of the bath.
  • Highend, Luxurious, all Marble bathroom.
  • Separate wash basins for two people.
  • Huge bed (probably the biggest I’ve slept in).
  • Remote controlled window blinds and Nespresso coffee machine.
  • Amazing pool and a spa area with bathrobes, slipes, towels at your disposal.

Overall, over the top luxuries that you will not find anywhere else in Shanghai.




Sitting area



Room entrance: As soon as you open  the door, you come to a large area and to your left is the bathroom and to your left, you will find a large dressing room


Dressing Room

Things could have been better and some advice:

  • Breakfast – does not include a hot buffet breakfast. You will need to order individual meals off the menu and I waited 30 minutes for food to arrive (wasted 30 minutes of our time).
  • There is a continental (cold food) buffet which was okay.
  • If you think £8 for a portion of chips or £11 for a half a pint of beer is expensive, then this is not for you.

I also dined at Sir Elly’s restaurant and this is what I thought

  • For 1 Michelin Star restaurant, food was way too expensive. I ordered 2 main courses, costing us £130 for two people. The standard of the food was similar to what you would get from a good gastropub in the UK which will cost you max £50 for two main courses. If the restaurant offered great views of the city, then maybe I could have justified £65 per person main course, however, the views were barely okay.
  • Shangri-la and Ritz Carlton offer much better views from their restaurants.You can read those review Ritz- Carlton – Shanghai Pudong – ReviewShangri-La – Shanghai Pudong- Review


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I also used the Rooftop bar and I thought

  • Service is a bit salesy. They asked us when I will come back to the bar so they can reserve a table. However, the bar operates a first come first serve basis, so I did not really understand why they were trying me to commit to a specific time.
  • As I mention, half a pint is £11 and is that sounds too expensive, then think about it before you spend money here.
  • Great view of the Skyline which was great


Spa and Swimming pool:

  • Well trained, professional massage therapist so I had a wonderful massage.
  • 60 minutes massage will cost you around £130 plus.
  • Overall good experience although, unless you desperately need a massage, I would recommend looking for alternatives as this place expensive.
  • Swimming pool area was amazing and a lot of amenities in the pool area.


Service and amenities in general:
  • I’m used to a more relaxed and homely service, so the service here for me felt a bit too professional, off the book perhaps. Although The Peninsula offered us everything I wanted, in some places service, could have been much better. Sometimes the service is hit and miss.  For more homely and relaxed service I would recommend  Shangri-La Pudong Or Ritz CarltonRitz Carlton
  • In particular, I did not enjoy the service and the rooftop bar and the breakfast table. It can definitely be better.

So it is worth £370 per night? If you want to experience over the top luxuries in luxurious settings, then is a good price. The views were fantastic and they’ve used high-end marbles and materials throughout the hotel which gives you a luxurious experience. I personally enjoyed staying here and would stay here again next time. However, If you worry how much you spend, this is not your place.



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Exceptional Service, Luxury rooms with great views

Having stayed at Shangri-La next to Ritz, I was pleasantly surprised with the views and quality of the rooms.  The hotel lobby is located on the 52nd floor of the IFC building and offers great views of Shanghai city.

Location: Perfect location because you can walk to Shanghai Tower and Pearl Tower within minutes. Ritz is next to a luxury shopping mall called IFC which sell all luxury brands and has its own food court. The food court in IFC is a little bit expensive compared to the shopping mall across the road, opposite to Shangri-La so just be mindful of that. Food to try: Try Lady M cake in level B2 of IFC

Room and the view:


Pearl View Room


Sitting Area – Pearl View

(Stay here for at least for 2 nights to really experience Shanghai Skyline)

We loved everything about the Pearl Tower view room. You get a premium view of the peal tower and the river. Rooms were big and I loved the bathtub facing the view.

Here is a picture of that premium view:


The room had a small area dedicated area for luggage and clothes. Curtains are operated through a remote control button by the bedside which is handy. There is a Nespresso coffee machine and other amenities you can think to expect from Ritz.

Shower and bathroom: The walking shower has a large shower head creating a rain shower feeling. The water pressure was also good and I really enjoyed the experience. The bathroom was big enough for two people and there is separate wash basins for two people.

Restaurant and views:  There are several restaurants in Ritz building which include one Italian, and all offer really good views of Shanghai Skyline (better than the Peninsula Shanghai restaurant views). The bar upstairs and the lobby Jazz bar also offer great views. The bar upstairs tends to play party, upbeat music, whereas the lobby bar plays live Jazz music except on Sundays.


View from the Lobby Bar

Pool and Gym: Decent pool offering views of Shanghai. The pool is only wide enough for 3 or 4 people at a time. There were 3 people using the pool when I was using it and I felt a bit cramped. The jacuzzi was not deep enough and I had to crouch down to get my whole body into the water.The gym is one of the best I’ve seen. It has everything you need and again, offers great views.


The pool view

Price for drink and food: If you are careful about what you spent, then you will find the prices for drinks and other nibbles to be very expensive. A half a pint of beer will cost around £11, similar to The Peninsula prices.

Service: Once again Ritz Carlton did not let us down. The service was impeccable and generous. Probably one of the reasons why I like to stay in Ritz is because of the faultless service they offer worldwide.

Is it worth it worth the price? For me, it absolutely worth it. This is one of the best hotels if you want to get top class, faultless services along with unbeatable views of the Shanghai Skyline.

We chose Peace Hotel for its history, luxury, location and Jazz Bar. You could get a bund view room but The Peninsula has bigger windows which would give you a better view. Click Here for that review.

Peace hotel as accommodated countless celebrities including the likes of US presidents Obama and actors and actresses so we were excited to stay here.

Location: Probably the best location closest to the bund and East Nanjing Road Shopping Street. East Nanjing Road is one of the busiest shopping streets in Shanghai and I really enjoyed being among large crowds. The bund is just across the road which would take less than 2 minutes to walk.

After having breakfast,  around 7am I walked towards the bund and at that time, there were not too many people so I really got to enjoy the views.

This is what it was like around 7am(see the video)


Lobby: Lobby was nice and big. It looked luxurious because they have used high-end marble throughout. Through the lobby you can walk into the famous jazz bar and toward right you have the guest lifts which is only accessible by room card.


Lobby, just after the entrance and reception.

A bit more about the Famous Jazz Bar: We were there on a Friday and the place got packed. So I would advise to go there earlier to secure a good table. Here, they usually play upbeat, high tempo Jazz. Most of the band members are retired musicians and many of them have been playing here since they were young.

We stayed at a  Club Delux City View room. The average price per room with breakfast is between £250 -£300. Here are some of the reasons why I enjoyed staying here:

  • Big rooms(49 square metres) with a small walk-in wardrobe. If you need a bigger walk-in wardrobe stay at The Peninsula
  • Exclusive access to the executive floor where they serve complimentary food and drinks(food served until 7pm)
  • Separate washbasins for two people
  • Comfy, large bed(peninsula beds are bigger)
  • Really good breakfast in the lobby or at executive floor catered for westerns and Chinese.
  • Free fruits and coffee machine
  • Great service
  • Jazz Bar downstairs



Club City view room


Club City View Room

However, the view could have been better– This is a historic building, therefore windows are smaller than other hotels. From the bed, I could only see another building facing me so I had to walk to the window in order see the road and crowd below me.

I enjoyed the bathroom and shower: I loved the size of the bathroom and its luxurious feel. There were two separate washbasins and enough space for two people at one time. The bathroom is decorated with high-end marbles which we really liked. I enjoyed the walk-in shower because it had a strong water flow.



Service and amenities: We really enjoyed the service at Peace Hotel. Everyone there spoke a good level of English and they made us feel at home. The service felt more homely and welcoming. The room had a coffee machine, bathrobes and slippers plus free fruits. The curtains were not operated by a press of a button and it was a bit of hassle considering how heavy the curtains were.

Breakfast: Peace hotel offer buffet breakfast which includes both hot and cold food. I thoroughly enjoyed the fried rice and other western food,  really enjoyed all the nice Shangahene cuisines. They have a huge selection of food on offer which would cater to anyone. I also enjoyed the selection of fruits and deserts which they offered.

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Final Verdict: The club executive rooms worth this price you pay. The service is excellent and the rooms are luxurious. The views(city view room) was okay.

Other photos:

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We stayed here for great views but room decor and amenities were disappointing.

Shangri-La in Pudong is situated few minutes walk from Shanghai Tower and Pearl Tower. There are two Shangri-La buildings, one is closer to the river and the other just behind it. The building closer to the river is the old building and this was Shanghai’s first 5 start hotel. The newer building is just behind the old one and this is where we stayed.


Daytime view from the executive city view room

Location: We chose to stay at Shangri-La for its location. Having stayed on the other side of the bund (Peninsula and peace hotel) we wanted to experience the newer side of the city. The hotel is conveniently located next to a shopping mall which has western and Asian food stores. Across the road(next to Ritz) there is another shopping mall more catered towards the high-end consumer, which is called IFC. This Shopping mall also has a food court but the food is a bit more expensive than the one opposite to Shangri-La. The Pearl Tower, and Shanghai Tower within few minutes walk from the Shangri-La.

Lobby: Shangri-la Pudong has a big lobby area.


Disappointing rooms: Average price for city view executive room is around £200 per night without breakfast and the only thing to like about this room is the view, although I would rather stay at Ritz Carlton opposite to this hotel for £50 more per night. I thought since this is called the “new building” the rooms would be up to date. However, the rooms looked very old and outdated. There was no luxury feel to it.


Too much wood and it looked bad. Not luxurious at all.

Worst Shower Ever! This was the worst shower I’ve ever had! It is the industry standard that if you are paying £200 per night you would expect to get a room with a really good shower. However, at Shangri-La Pudong, the shower was really bad because the water pressure was low and therefore it gave very little water. I had to call an engineer because I thought this is not right but the engineer said this is the normal water pressure. With that in mind, I do not think I will stay here again.

Is it worth the money? definitely not! Views were good and that the only things. If you happen to book here, make sure to check the water pressure of the shower before settling into your stay.

Tip:  for just £50 more a night you will have a much better experience at Ritz Carlton which is across the road. So I would avoid this hotel unless they upgrade the decor and shower.